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  1. Tom Ricchio Says:


    Congratulations on a fantastic season, and your World Championship. Sorry to hear about the Vickersund situation. As an old ski jumper, father of twin girls, and grandfather of five grand-daughters, I am just beside myself that you have to deal with people who are stuck in the dark ages. All the best in the future, and I am hopeing that you girls witll be able to compete in the Olympics next year.

    Tom Ricchio
    Iola Winter Sports Club

  2. I heerd you is champiun of the wurld and that you also know Annettie SAGEN. i REALLY LIKE HER and you too of course but I have her autograft and I want urs two. Could you come over and learn me to jump like you.
    Malcolm Natale

  3. “Sorry” to hear about your loss Girls! I do not go anywhere near a ski hill, let alone to jump off one. (On the first count I’m a tropical person; and on the second, I’m too scared.) However, my heart was moved with your efforts to do something that you feel you’re truly meant to do. My suggestion: Keep on top of your game. Times are changing – Oh so quickly. So maybe by 2014 there will be a new breed running the IOC, and you’ll be in that Game then. I’m going to send an invitation for a media interview to your contact address. Please respond. Thank You.

  4. maurice powers Says:

    I think a movement needs to be started to undermine the IOC…time to enlist the aid of ALL Olympic athletes world wide and organize a BOYCOTT of the next Olympic Summer AND Winter Games by ALL participating Athletes. The IOC needs to be brought to their knees and any city/country that doesn’t support this blatant/sexist/male dominated committee should feel the wrath of the economic base that drives and funds this gathering.

    Lets see how much pressure the Media will put on the IOC when the the Womens contingent says UP YOURS on Games Day! Money talks and BS walks.

    We love ALL our Athletes…we need a show of support.

  5. maurice powers Says:

    so much for proof reading…it should read…”any city/country that supports this blatant/sexist/male dominated committee should feel the wrath”

    so sorry!

  6. Jenni Garrison Says:

    Lindsey stay true to your dreams because they will come true once we get the word out about this sport. Have everyone post it everywhere on twitter and facebook. The reasoning the IOC gives is the lack of following, so lets make a following big enough to make a difference. And these same old dudes aren’t going to be in charge forever and someone who understands the awesomeness of the sport will allow it. Keep the faith. You rock!

  7. hi Lindsey, i am sorry about your loss in the court not give
    up though.i would like to know where i could make a donation towards
    Women’s Ski Jumping in the olympics.also can i get an autographed
    photo? best wishes.

  8. Henriette Storm Says:

    Hi Lindsey,

    It was a shame that you weren’t allowed to jump in the Olympics, you all deserve it so much! I am yet again involved in the Holmenkollen World Cup, and rumor has it that you will be allowed to jump during the World Championship here next year, albeit in the Normal Hill Competition. My wish is that they will clear you all for the Large Hill competition before then. As you probably know, Anette has been given the honor of performing the first jump tonight, and I hope this will mark the beginning of a new era in skijumping.
    I wish you all the best, and hope to see you in Holmenkollen during the 2011 World Championship!

    Henriette Storm

  9. Hello – I sent and email to Corby Fisher and it bounced (email is full?). I am President of WomenCAN Int’l (gender equity in Olympic Canoeing – the last summer Olympic sport which does not have gender equity). I would like to speak with Lindsay or someone else involved in the ski jumping effort over the years (incl the lawsuit). Thank you for your help. And CONGRATULATIONS!!

  10. Hi Lindsey,

    I am working on a sport psychology project for which I have to interview athletes in my sport about mental fitness. I have several questions:

    1. What, for you, are the key mental aspects of ski jumping?

    2. Why are these mental aspects of the sport important?

    3. To what extent does your level of mental fitness effect your performance?

    If you could answer in short any one, or all, of these questions, I would appreciate it very much.

  11. Lindsey, just saw you on Rock Centre. Or whatever the hell it’s called.

    It’s funny, we have little in common. You’re a young American woman, I’m an older Canadian man. You ski, I don’t.

    But I have to tell you I choked up when I saw the end of the report when it was revealed ski jumping for women would be an Olympic sport. I’ve often said the worst combination there is, is ignorance and arrogance and those wankers who wouldn’t let women ski jump is one of the worst examples of that.

    I have to be honest and say that I’ll be cheering for Canadian women in the Olympics but will be cheering for you as well. Consider yourself an honorary Canadian.

    One last thing. I have a 9 year old daughter. I’d be so proud if she grew up like you. I’m so impressed.

    Best of luck.


  12. Think u r role model 4 others. Hope u have major air!!!

  13. Hi Lindsey,
    I just saw a video of you and your fight to get women’s ski jumping into the Olympics on The Weather Channel .com. I’m big on fighting to live my dreams, so I think what you did for your sport was F’ing awesome! Way to live big!

  14. Dana Daly Says:

    You did it. You told us all and I think I was the only one that saw that fire in your eye. If Craig and Mendy aren’t proud of you, I’ve been rooting for you since you showed up at NSA. Congrats Olympian, for making a dream come true for thousands of girls to come. You inspire me to pave new ways and make something better for all. Kick butt and fly far!

  15. I just saw the documentay about the american women ski jumpers struggle to get the sport approved for the olympics. I am so glad you succeeded! I am not very inyerested in wathing sports and find ski jumping absolutely terrifying – but now I dont want to miss your participation in Russia for the world. I wish you the very best luck!
    //Kajsa, Sweden

  16. Lindsey Van you are the number one for me!!! Greetings from Italy!!!

  17. You are a very brave person, but also can empathise w/your dropping out after losing the case in court. Please read my bio. on Facebk when you have time, and let me know what you think. I admire you so much.

  18. PAOLO VAGNI Says:

    Ho visto il film READY TO FLY ed ho seguito la tua storia che mi ha molto colpito.
    Le olimpiadi erano il tuo sogno e ci sei arrivata.
    Ti sei classificata 15a ma e non so cosa provi per questo, ma nella vita sei arrivata 1a e so che di questo sei orgogliosa.
    Lo sport non è separato dalla vita di ogni giorno, e soprattutto per atleti di altissimo livello come te è un dono speciale di Dio da utilizzare al meglio.
    grazie del tuo coraggio, determinazione e passione per la vita. continua sempre così.
    Paolo – Milano (Italia)

  19. I believe that you are an inspiration to everyone. You had me so awed by what you can do at these Olympics. I support you and love your support for our country. I would love an autograph picture or something if that is doable? One that I would cherish always and talk about with my kids. Thank you and much love to you and our country. If I need to send you a self addressed envelope may I have your address please so I can send it out?

  20. Pauline Horton Says:

    Hi Lindsey im letting you know that im trying to send u a letter form me to say that u inspired many people. but if u write me back to let me know you got this message i will be so happy . Thank you .

  21. Pauline Horton Says:

    Please respond back or send me an email back saying you got this email.

  22. Pauline Horton Says:

    thanks very much!!!!!!!!!!!

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