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Posted in Uncategorized on April 14, 2009 by Vanessa Pierce

Spring, well it hasn’t really been spring yet here in Utah. We had twelve feet of snow over a ten day period in the last couple of weeks, and it is snowing again. With all the snow it leaves one thing to do, and that is skiing. I have been skiing all over the state. I have been skiing endless powder at Deer Valley, Park City, The Canyons, Alta, and Powder Mountain. I have been alpine skiing, and telemark skiing. It is very nice to be home, and relax after the season. I am having a great time playing in a winter wonderland, but I know spring is coming in hot.

I traveled to Denver a few weeks ago to try and meet with the head of the International Olympic Committee. Katie Willis and I had requested a meeting with Jacque Rogge while he was visiting Denver. We did not get our meeting, but had some contact with the IOC. We wanted to meet with him to discuss the current state of our sport. I think he decided not to meet with us, because he has no reason for denying us inclusion in the Olympic Games. I am disappointed in the IOC and their inability to give us a reason that explains their decision. I am left with no real answer to the same question that has been asked for years.

On April 20th we will be in court. Myself and fourteen other plaintiffs will have our day in Canadian Supreme Court to fight for our sport. Our lawyers Ross Clark and Jeff Horswill are looking forward to the five day hearing, and are confident in our argument. I will be in Vancouver for a few days to hear some oral arguments. I am looking forward for it to be all over. I am optimistic about the case, and feel that it is strong on our behalf.

Other than dealing with ski jumping not much is going on here. I am trying to figure out my plans for the next year. I ski most days, and have been working a bit as a physical therapist aide at Alpine Sports Medicine. I am enjoying spring, and have begun to train again.