2014 Olympics, and some thoughts.

It’s been a while since I have updated here. It’s been a very busy summer until this point, and I finally feel I have some free time where I can collect my thoughts and write a little something. Since last time I wrote I was going to San Francisco to donate bone marrow, and since then have been training a ton, going to school, and working. Oh oh, I almost forgot, Women’s Ski Jumping was added to the 2014 Olympics in Sochi Russia!!!!
Donating bone marrow was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. I had a lot of time to think about what I was doing. It seemed like a no brainer to me through the whole process, and it still does. I have to admit the drugs to prepare me for the donation were brutal. Your bones have to work so hard to produce more stem cells so they could be collected. I could feel my hips producing these cells. I know it sounds crazy, but I could really feel it! I mean it did feel like I got hit by a truck for a few days, but I knew it was for a good reason. It made me think if I can do this for a few days to save a life it will be well worth it. I knew it would only be a few days of pain, but when I put in into perspective it didn’t even compare. Can you imagine the physical and mental pain a cancer patient has to go through while being diagnosed, treated, and prepped for a bone marrow transplant? They are the ones taking the real chance. These patients literally kill their immune systems through chemo and radiation prior to the transplant. The whole time knowing that their donor may decide not to donate at any time. Without the donation most of these patients will die. Just thinking about that brings tears to me eyes. They are trusting a random person that they have never met to donate the only thing that can save their life. I can’t imagine what my recipient was thinking going into all this.
The process of donating was very simple. I just sat hooked up to a machine while it sorted through my blood to take the parts it needed. It was painless! As soon as it was done I was on my way back to 100%. I was very tired for a few days, but quickly was back in the gym. Honestly I have never felt better. All my old chronic pains were gone, and I was able to train more than I had been able to in the last 5 years. I don’t know why, but I will take it. It has been almost 6 months since I donated and I am anxiously awaiting the 6 month update on my recipient. I am counting down the days. Donating was one of the most unique experiences in my life, and I would do it again without hesitation.
In April Women’s Ski Jumping heard the best news for our sport! Our sport was added to the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi Russia. We have been fighting for this for as long as I can remember. It has taken a long time to come up with real thoughts on this. I have only known our sport not to be part of the Olympic program, and one day it changed. It was years of thinking that way, and it takes more than one day to change that thinking. It still doesn’t seem real in my mind. Honestly, when I first heard, I had no words, and very few emotions! I think people expected me to be ecstatic, but I wasn’t. I felt relief and a lot of relief. I felt we had really made a step forward in our sport, and I could look at it all differently. My role changed a lot, and for the better. I no longer have to be that athlete fighting for a political issue, and can focus on just being an athlete. This has taken some time getting use to. My only focus now is to be the best ski jumper I can be, and it has never been so clear cut for me. It is still a huge relief for me! I can just wake up and focus on training. It’s great!! I have never been so motivated to ski jump before. I found my passion for the sport again without it being blurred by a political scar. I am so excited for the future of our sport, and I can’t wait to be a part of it.
As for the rest of the summer, I will be busy training for the upcoming World Cup season, and working. I hope I can compete this fall in Trondheim, and a few domestic competitions. I want to give props to all the women who have stayed in the sport, and my teammates for sticking together through all of the hard times. I am honored to have you all in my life, and I look forward to the future of our sport with you all.


5 Responses to “2014 Olympics, and some thoughts.”

  1. Nancy Seraphin Says:

    Nice to hear you articulate your bone marrow thoughts, and what it feels like to go back to “just being an athlete.” It is a big paradigm shift for you and I guess I never really thought about that part. Enjoy the transition! Love you…

  2. Your comments about your bone marrow transplant is an inspiration
    and motivation for me. As Chairman of our 2012 Leukemia Cup, most of my time is spent on fundraising efforts supporting the battle against blood cancers. I remember your incredible spirit and drive very well from the time you were born. Now you’re sharing your blessings with others, that’s fabulous. Finally, you can pursue your quest for the Gold. Don’t ever doubt that you have the gifts and drive to pusue your goals, those of us who love you never will. We are so proud of you. Your Godfather.

  3. Hi Lindsey,
    Your aunt and your grandmother would be so proud of you. My mother and your grandmother were very close friends and Mickey was my best friend! We used to jump the moguls and small jumps in Michigan and Mickey was fearless! I can see so much of Margie, George Sr. and the rest of the Van’s in you! I’ll be rooting for you in 2014 and thinking about Mickey while I type is making me cry! Congratulations on your gift of life to someone else!
    Deborah Dodd ZurSchmiede

  4. You are awesome , I hope you win it all in 14 , no one deserves it more than you , I’m a huge fan after watching you on rock center , your the bomb

  5. Dr. Elizabeth Tucker Says:

    I am so proud of you! Thank you for taking your fight to the courts. You are my hero! God bless you over and over for being fearless. You have opened the path for not only girls in your sport but for girls and women everywhere! I was the first female athlete at my high school back in the 1970’s who bravely ran on the Plainfield High School (in Plainfield, New Jersey) Boy’s Cross Country Running Team. I outran many boys to their surprise. We are unstoppable! Thank you for making the dream possible for all girls and women. You are history in the making. Show the world how we do it in 2014!!! Much Love, Dr. Elizabeth Ann Tucker – 11/25/13 – Plainfield, New Jersey

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