Worlds over, onto bone marrow donation!

Seun and I. One year after his transplant and before I donate. He inspired me to join the registry.

Larry Stone and I in the thick fog.

The World Championships ended last week in Oslo Norway. A record 570,000 spectators came to watch the events in the craddle of nordic sports. It was an increible atmosphere, and event to be a part of. It is something I will never forget! The competition did not go as planned, but they rarely do. The hill blaneketed in a heavy fog didn’t allow the athletes to even see their coach. I remember sitting on the bar and hearing the roar of the 9000 spectators, and trying to hear my coach whistle. I did not hear anything excpet the crowd, so just decided to go when the light turned green. I find it strange that it can be super windy and foggy at the same time, but I have seen this weather many times in Oslo. The comp was held in a windy foggy mess, with the spectators unable to see anything except bits and pieces of the jumbotron. Despite the bad weather the comp was held, and everybody stayed to celebrate. My jump is kind of a blur for me. I remember going down the inrun, and not being able to see too much. The takeoff felt ok, and then I was so crooked all I could do was try to get straight. As soon as I realized what was going on I had landed very short on one leg. I was in shock if that really happened, and yes it did. One jump, one time that determines your result after two years of all time. It was just one more competition. Ski Jumping is a winter sport with weather that can play a huge part in the results. I always understood this, and now I fully understand what can really happen. Oh well, I still very much enjoyed my time in Oslo, and it was an honor to be there. I have to give props Daniela Iraschko on her win. She deserved this win, as she has been the best over the past few years. Daniela was even dealing with a fairly serious knee injury, which makes her win even more impressive. Congrats to Elena (2nd) and Coline (3rd) as well.

Tomorrow I start on my next journey to donating bone marrow. I will be starting my five day course of injections to boost the amount of stem cells into my blood stream so they can be collected. I will be in Park City until Sunday when I will travel to San Francisco to donate. I will be travelling with my roommate Shasta Mitchell who will be taking care of me through the procedure. I am honored to be able to do this for someone. It is something we can all do to make a difference in this terrible diesease. If you want to join the registry, you can sign up at I will be trying to update how I am in th coming week, but can’t promise anything.


One Response to “Worlds over, onto bone marrow donation!”

  1. Patty Ray Torrey Says:

    Lindsey, Your Aunt Mickey would have been so proud to see what a strong & giving woman you turned out to be. She was a good friend of mine.
    I just bought your movie and can’t wait til it arrives. We will have a Central NY viewing party.
    Wishing you many happy days ahead- you go girl ! Keep blazeing the trail for all !

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