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Norwegian Training Camp

Posted in Ski Jumping on February 20, 2011 by Vanessa Pierce

At the Spinno suit factory, Vikersund Norway.

Today was our last day of our World Championship training camp in Norway. We were training in Lillehammer last week, and Vikersund this week. It was a successful training camp with good weather, and better jumping by all team members. I had 16 jumps in Lillehammer and 16 in Vikersund as well. I think the team is well prepared for the competitions, and our coaches Kjell and Sigurd are satisfied with the camp.
We took time out to visit the Spinno suit factory in Vikersund to get a new suit. We spent hours there perfecting them, and also some help from Sigurd who is a master on the sewing machine. The people from Spinno gave us a curling lesson today. Ha, what a strange sport! Curling is a lot harder than it looks. To get that stone to go straight is no easy task.
Bill Kerig has also been following us around this week in the making of Ready to Fly. His camera man Peter has been filming all our training sessions, enduring many hours of standing in the cold. I think they were able to get some good footage as the weather has been perfect. Bill will be heading to Oslo with us tomorrow and adding a few more to his crew. Check out a clip of Anette Sagen and I in Lake Powell this fall. Tomorrow we will be driving to Oslo to meet up with the rest of the athletes from USA. Our first official training is on Tuesday at Midstubakken. We are looking forward to the competition, and a fun atmosphere in the nordic capital of the world.


Worlds in Oslo Norway Feb 25th

Posted in Lindsey Van, Ski Jumping, WSJUSA on February 13, 2011 by Vanessa Pierce

I am about to head out the door to begin my journey to Norway in a few minutes. I am headed there for World Championships. The Nordic Worlds are being held in Norway, the birth place of these sports. It is expected to be a great atmosphere with lots of people watching kinda like the Super Bowl is here.
Over the last few weeks I have been training here in Park City. I have had about 40 jumps on the K120 here with great training weather. I have also been in the gym, doing lost of cross country skiing, and some yoga. I feel confident in my jumping, and I am healthy! I am very excited to go to Norway for this competition. I think the competition will be at very high level. Austria’s Daniela Iraschko, Coline Mattel, are jumping very well so it should be a tight competition. My team consists of Jessica Jerome, Sarah Hendrickson, Abby Hughes, Alissa Johnson, and myself. You can watch the comp on, if you click on the women’s jumping link.
When I get back from Worlds I will be on my way to San Francisco to donate bone marrow. This is very exciting for me, and of course a bit scary. I was identified as a match for someone with Leukemia back in the fall, and after going through multiple test, I will be donating March 14th and 15th at UCSF. I hope I can help save someone’s life. You can sign up at The next few weeks should be exciting with Worlds, and then donating bone marrow. Thanks for the support. I will be updating while I am in Norway.
Lindsey Van