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What’s New???

Posted in Ski Jumping on January 22, 2010 by Vanessa Pierce

Hello everybody! Just checking in letting anybody who wants to know what I have been up to. Currently I am in Eau Claire Wisconsin for their competitions tonight and tomorrow. It’s great to see how into ski jumping this region of the USA is. It has been a tradition here for many years. Everybody knows what ski jumping is here and plans to come and watch the events here. I have been doing lots of media here to advertise the events, it’s been pretty fun.

Other than being here in Eau Claire, I was busy at home working, doing some training, skiing, and having fun. ESPN came for a few days to shoot a story on Womens Ski Jumping a few weeks ago. It was a good experience having them follow me around for few days. Interested in seeing the story, although I really don’t like watching myself on tv. That story will be on Feb 14th, on the program Outside the Lines.

I heard it’s snowing in Park City, well of course everytime I leave it snows. I hope everybody is enjoying the snow, save me some.