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Watch this, sign up to donate bone marrow!

Posted in Ski Jumping on December 27, 2009 by Vanessa Pierce

More to Live For – Preview from Noah Hutton on Vimeo.

Seun, my roommate from last summer has leukemia, and needs a bone marrow transplant to save his life. One problem, he cannot find a donor. Please register to donate bone marrow, because it could save a life.


F is for Failure and Fun

Posted in Ski Jumping on December 22, 2009 by Vanessa Pierce

Early this morning, I was notified that our application to the Supreme Court was denied.  This is the end of the road of the legal battle.  In many ways I am relieved that it is over, but at the same time pretty numb to it all at this point.  I have not let myself get my hopes up at all, because of too many let downs.  I have taken a lot of the emotion of out it, and have tried not to think about it.  Honestly, I am not that suprised, kind of a sad thing to say.  Of course in the back of my mind in some imagination station I dreamed of being able to take part in the Olympics, but reality kicked in.  The reality is that the IOC can go into any country and do whatever they want.  This stubborn, corrupt organization is above the law and bound by no laws.  ROGGE FOR PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD!!!

I have been asked several times if I will travel to Vancouver to watch the Olympics?  My answer “HELL NO!!!”  Why would I go somewhere I was not invited.  I will not support the corrupt IOC.  Rogge can prance around all he wants at his own party with his own invited guests. 

I have also been asked several times what I am going to do, and what my plan is.  I didn’t know that many people really cared.  At this point I don’t know.  I am not going to make any hasty decisions.  I am taking some time off to make this big decision.  There are a lot of variables in this equation, and I am not that good at math, so I am still thinking.  I have had a few jump sessions this winter, and plan on jumping again soon.  I jump for fun, and only have been out when I felt the need for some flying.  I have been skiing as much as I can.  I am skiing for Alta this winter, so I have had a lot of fun ripping around with some ladies at Alta.  I have entered the Freeskiing World Tour comp up at Snowbird this winter, so I am looking forward to that.  I am also doing a lot of Bikram yoga at Tadasana here in Park City.  Yoga is a sweaty mess as usual, but feels so good.  Other than skiing and yoga, I have been working at Alpine Sports Medicine, and spending time hanging out with friends.  I am enjoying the time, and enjoying not doing sport-specific training every day.  I plan on going back to school in the spring, but until then I will continue to have fun skiing, jumping, and doing whatever I want!

Thanks for all the support everybody.  Go ski some powder and have a great holiday season!!!