April 14 benefit for WSJUSA in New York

This is an excerpt from a Vanity Fair article about our fight for Olympic inclusion. We have a benefit party in New York on April 14.

Strap two planks to your feet, a brain bucket to your head, tuck down a long, long take-off ramp and fly high into the air—tips up, everyone—and land on a steep icy slope a couple of hundred feet away. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, et cetera?

If Vinko Bogataj, the plucky Yugoslav who face-planted so ferociously each week on ABC’s Wide World of Sports in the 1970s, can survive ski jumping, maybe you can too. Or at least a ski jump party.

Ski jumping, the original extreme sport of wintertime, is throwing a protest-cum-film screening benefit. It is not at a ski resort, but at Norwood, the private arts club on West 14th Street in Manhattan, on Tuesday, April 14. There you can mingle with a dozen world-class women ski jumpers, Saturday Night Live comedienne Rachel Dratch (who knows a little about ski jumping, having gone to Dartmouth where the famous Vale de Tempe jump stood from 1922 to 1993—the top of the jump was a favorite place for undergraduates to snog at sunrise), and others who are decrying the remarkable fact that at the 2010 Vancouver Games men will be able to ski jump but not women.



One Response to “April 14 benefit for WSJUSA in New York”

  1. Hi Lindsey,

    I’m a huge fan of yours and I think it’s really cool that you set a hill record on the Normal Hill jump in Vancouver. It doesn’t make sense that they won’t recognize women’s ski jumping as an Olympic sport. I guess there’s just not enough money to support it, but it’s still not fair. Anyway, your fans and friends know how good you are, and you have the hill record on the Olympic jump. Your skiing speaks for itself even if you’re not in the Olympics.

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